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Thu, Jan. 8th, 2009, 11:22 pm
58468_0: [wiki sysop post] an update to let you know there is an update coming

I will tell you what I do know at the moment.

Wiki.theppn is NOT closed and any copies of the site should not be supported. We do not back them or have any affiliation with them and they are essentially taking our information without permission.

I heavily apologize for the downtime and my own lack of checking this community and setting things straight. I didn't realize there were so many people waiting for a simple status update, but believe me, I understand the feeling. I also understand you want a source for Asian pop culture information, but we are the place to go to, even though we've been experiencing unreasonable downtime.

Please, just hang in there a little bit longer. I'll be able to give you concrete information soon.

~ Wapiko, Wiki.theppn sysop

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 05:31 am (UTC)



But seriously, thanks for the update. We (the comm) just needed some sort of sign that wiki.theppn is alive and you guys are working on it is all. We're sort of worried. :/

I'm glad to know it's not closing though! :D *is relieved* It's been down for a while so it's no wonder people starting wondering that, but I'll be looking forward to the day when it's finally up and running again.

Thanks for the quick updated, even if it's just to tell us you're alive. ♥

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 05:34 am (UTC)

WAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY T____________________________T *clings*

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 05:45 am (UTC)

Best of luck getting everything up and running again, I'm really looking forward to seeing theppn back online! I didn't realize how much I used it until it was gone. You run a top-notch site, I really miss it!

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 06:09 am (UTC)

Thankyou so much for the update! And good luck!
It'll be a happy day when theppn comes back... ♥

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 06:10 am (UTC)

omg yay! hope to see you guys back soon!! ♥

Tue, Jan. 20th, 2009 05:47 pm (UTC)

i hope wiki.theppn will make a good comeback because its posers ain't makin' me very happy. :(

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 07:01 am (UTC)

No worries. Good luck with getting the site up and running! Also, thanks for the update!

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 08:22 am (UTC)

I know its not right to copy the site but the information is user created so it's not really owned by theppn. Mind you I do not have nor know of any copy sites. I'm just pointing out the obvious.

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 02:56 pm (UTC)

Yeah, we know. =) But in similar cases, we have a license that doesn't allow copying to Wikipedia unless it's by the user who submitted the information. Isn't this the same?

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 02:22 pm (UTC)

I'm so happy that wiki will still be there.

I hope you all can solve whatever that is soon.

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 04:58 pm (UTC)

Oh, sorry. I'll stop updating the one at wikia then.
We were only trying to help. :(

You're looking for a host and wikia can host it.
I'm sure Angela can give adminship to those that were admin on theppn and you can have it as the new host, what's wrong with that?

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 05:05 pm (UTC)

We were just showing that the wiki is wanted, and if the backup really is fragged I've shown that it's possible to manually restore 1 page every 2-3 minutes from yahoo cache.

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 07:52 pm (UTC)

Thanks a bunch for saying this! Knowing that you guys are still working on things makes me feel a whole lot better. I, as I'm sure a lot of others, was wondering if I should turn to another Wiki...

I hope you get everything sorted out soon. Thanks again for the update, and maintaining such a massive, as well as massively loved website!

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 08:38 pm (UTC)

Woah, wiki.theppn actually responds now O__O

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 08:47 pm (UTC)

I've always tried to keep status updates going. (o_O);

Why wouldn't we respond?
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Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 10:31 pm (UTC)

a stone just fell from my heart !

Fri, Jan. 9th, 2009 10:46 pm (UTC)

yay this is the best news ever!!

Sat, Jan. 10th, 2009 12:41 am (UTC)


i'm so happy i got an update! thank you!

Sat, Jan. 10th, 2009 02:58 am (UTC)

Awesome! Thanks for trying to get it back up, I know I (and others) really appreciate it! :)