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Welcome to the Wiki Suggestion Community for Wiki.ThePPN.
If you're not in the know, Wiki.ThePPN is a wiki dedicated soley to Asian Media and Pop Culture. That's right, all Asian Media. From K-Pop, to Anime, to Chinese Soap Operas. Despite being around for a year, we are still a relatively small Wiki as of yet and because of this we could use your help!

This community is a new idea we're piloting where you, the users, can suggest what types of pages should be made next.
While we have a fairly dedicated staff and we do try create pages that people might be looking for, we are limited in number and are always open to suggestions. However, while we would always encourage people to simply go on their own and add and modify whatever they want, we also recognize that many people don't have the time or intrest in learning Wiki formatting or even just to get the information together.

So this will be your outlet!

There's no need for introductory posts, simply join and post a suggestion or even list of suggestions. They will be added to our queue and our crackpot team of dedicated experts will get to work. That way when someone asks "Who the heck is Hamasaki Ayumi?" or "Why are you always listening to that silly Chinese lady... what's her name?" you can confidently direct them to an informative and picture filled page. Or maybe you'd just like to surf and pick up some new info or get interested in a new artist?

Either way, we need your help to improve, so join already and tell us what we're missing!